Our Reporting System

Valuable information and insight is gained from your consumers during an event. We realize the value of our clients being able to access and capitalize on this data. Select Promotions has designed, developed, and implemented its own entirely custom-engineered Recap and Reporting System.

Select Promotions Reporting SystemClients can see all their past, current, and future events in one area – accessed anywhere via online login. They can access all past event information, pictures, receipts, and recaps quickly. They can print or send individual event recaps, or view a table of various event statistics as a single report, etc.

A huge amount of time and effort was allocated to create this custom developed Client Portal that is both user-friendly and allows Select Promotions clients to access all of their event information at ease, in one centralized database that is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Select Promotions Client Portal

To access the Select Promotions Client Portal enter your login at selectpromotions.net


Each client has a unique login so they only see the events they care about, along with a customizable profile.

Viewing Your Events

This system was designed to be easy to use and display most of the information you need from the main view. You can quickly see event location, start/end time, brands, event notes, access directions, etc.


By clicking the Recap Button in the first column you can immediately access the recap for that event. The recap will display important information about the event so you know how everything went.

Also, at the bottom will be photos from the event along with any receipts or completed promotion forms that may be necessary. You can access these photos by clicking the corresponding links to open them in a separate tab, or you can click the photo download button, which downloads all your photos to your hard drive.


Alternatively, there is also a Recaps tab where you can view a table of your recaps, and even export a customized selection of recaps to Excel if you’d like.

We truly value our clients, and wanted to provide a cutting-edge system that allowed our clients to have the real-time data they need to fully capitalize on their partnership with Select Promotions!

If you have any specific questions about our system, please send them to info@selectpromomodels.com.