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Select Promotions & Models

Select Promotions & Models is a licensed, bonded and insured event-modeling agency based in Dallas, TX. We book events throughout Texas and the surrounding states, providing local Event Managers and Models for each geographic region.

We provide female and male brand ambassadors and promotional models for a wide variety of events including: On and Off Premise Promotions, Trade Shows, Auto Shows, Conventions and more.

Select Promotions’ President, Karlye Barlow, has more than 14 years of promotional experience and has a diverse background in creating and implementing promotions by training, staffing, and booking beautiful, hard-working and enthusiastic models. Our select team knows what it means to be a Brand Ambassador and an advocate for your company and products. Our knowledge and appreciation for marketing, building, and growing brands sets us apart from our peers. Our models exude confidence and positivity in order to help push your product to the next level and deliver results.

Mission Statement

To make each individual event and interaction create a lasting impression in the participant’s mind of your brand by selecting the most qualified, enthusiastic promotional models to boost your message.

Our Team

Select Promotions and Models takes a great deal of pride in the quality of our team. Our team of models are proven, reliable, hard-working, and impactful. They are highly knowledgeable on the products and brands they represent. Our team consists of models with proven experience working together at various events, resulting in a cohesive, synergetic team that have proven experience yielding high-successful results at events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Select Promotions & Models. If you have a question about our services, see if we’ve answered it below. Otherwise, you can contact Select Promotions through our online contact form.

What Sets Select Promotions Apart From Other Promotional Modeling Companies?

We pride ourselves on our name and reputation. The vast majority of our new clients come to us because of our reputation. The rapport, retention, and relationship we have with our clients is what sets us apart.

Does Select Promotions Provide Event Recaps & Photos For Each Event?

Yes. Select Promotions has a state of the art Client Portal where clients can see every past, current, and future event including recaps, pictures, and receipts. See the Reporting Systems section for more details. 

What Kind of Events Do You Provide Models For?

All kinds. We have literally provided models for every type of event you can imagine. Contact us to inquire about your events specifically. See our Event and Contact pages for more details.

Our Hiring Process

Select Promotions & Models goes through an extensive search and screening process for each model hired. We review a large number of applicants and referrals, and meet with multiple potential candidates for each hire. We take it a step further and actively recruit top potential talent. It takes a great amount of time and effort to be as selective as we are, but the result is quality that sets us apart from our competitors and more importantly, our clients’ competitors.

Our Training Process

Select Promotions & Models takes training and preparation seriously. Each model must individually train and study on each brand they represent. We take steps beyond the status quo to ensure our models have a high level of knowledge on each product. Our models are able to speak of your product or business intelligently, ensuring a positive, accurate, and impactful representation of your brand to your target demographic.

Join The Select Promotions Team

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Select Promotions & Models is always looking for new models. If you think you have what it takes to be a Select Promotions model, click ‘Apply’ below and fill out our job inquiry form.

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